If the equity is not enough to finance the start-up, you can either look for investors, who then get a certain right to participate, or you can secure the additional capital needs through a loan. As an entrepreneur, we advise you on which financing options are suitable for you. From traditional investment loans and public funding to modern financial instruments – you have many options. Which banks grant a loan for entrepreneurs with credit bureau entry? Loans for business founders without equity “Find out about AWS subsidies and promotional loans and also secure start-up loans!

Online loan for self-employed and start-up companies

Online loan for self-employed and start-up companies

Especially for entrepreneurs, self-employed and start-ups, it is usually difficult to get a loan from a traditional bank. Whether it is a loan from a large number of private lenders, such as crowd lending at the Fokoloer or the Plaunt, which can be applied for via Frontkos AG – there are financing options here.

If the equity capital is insufficient to support the creation of a business, you can either find investors who then have a certain right to participate, or you can secure the additional capital requirements with a loan. Anyone who decides to take out a loan as a donor, for whom the online loan can be a good choice – the classic is often out of the question, since start-up founders at banks are usually considered very risky and therefore uninteresting.

The application process is usually relatively simple and quick – especially in contrast to traditional bank loans. Another advantage of having a loan through an online platform is certainly the possibility to finance even small sums, since the processing costs for an online loan are as low as possible.

An online loan can often be cheaper in terms of terms than the famous mortgage loan.

An online loan can often be cheaper in terms of terms than the famous mortgage loan.

Here we have summarized the main job offers for entrepreneurs, freelancers and young entrepreneurs. In this way, you can quickly find the right product for you: this is an online platform that involves both private lenders and borrowers. The award-winning online lending platform, which has already provided more than $ 100 million, typically has several investors co-financing one loan project each.

Therefore, this type of online loan is often referred to as a mass credit, since the amount is sufficient for a particular project. This online loan is especially interesting for business start-ups who do not have a large financial need but still need credit. Credit institutions usually lend very unpleasant credit claims to the self-employed and if, then only if they continue to provide collateral and the loan amount is relatively high.

Another advantage of the crowds’ online balance is that a project can be terminated relatively quickly, thus saving a long processing time. Main figures for Auxmoney: The online loan of Fokoloer is conceptually identical to those of Auxmoney. However, the support group focuses on already established companies that have capital requirements for working capital or an investment loan.

Accordingly, this online loan is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. Nevertheless, this online loan is also paid by the amount. In other words, several investors are involved in financing a loan project. For this online loan, it is like ours that the corresponding loan project is rendered in a convincing, detailed and meaningful way.

Most important figures for the online loan of the Fokoloer: The cheapest loans for start-ups and start-ups are usually offered by the development banks. However, applying for a loan is not an easy task. That’s why for-founders have. Fe and Pouyr have entered into a cooperation agreement aimed at promoting start-ups and young companies.

A credit balance can be requested quickly and easily via Frontkos Banks via the Internet. Within a short time you will find out if and under what conditions a promotional loan is suitable for you. The credit will be made through your iwoca customer account. Depending on the loan amount you have to provide and load different documents, eg the current BWA ‘s or account statements of the previous months.

The credit decision is data-driven, it takes a few hours to make the credit decision. The loan will be repaid within 12 years. Any business founder who has been in the business for more than 4 months and has a turnover of more than 10,000 USD and whose company is registered in the Federal Republic, can submit a loan to us.

Before applying for a loan on the internet, you should calculate the monthly interest and repayment in advance. If you want to calculate your online balance in advance, you can take advantage of our free refund calculator.

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